Electronic Invoicing Romania

The IDC service for Romanian e-invoices

E-invoicing in Romania is only the latest of the e-invoicing updates affecting EU Member States.

As of 1 January 2024, the obligation to transmit Electronic Invoices in all exchanges between private taxable persons will start in the country. Six months later, on 1 July, the same obligation will apply to the receipt of e-invoices for all B2B entities.

The system being introduced in Romania has many similarities with Italy. At the heart of it all is the RO e-Factura exchange platform, operated by ANAF (the Romanian National Agency for Tax Administration).

In order to use the RO e-Factura information system, economic operators must be registered in both the Virtual Private Space (VPS) and the RO e-Invoice Register.

IDC – Indicom Document Care, backed by its experience with Italian e-invoices, is the expert and reliable provider for e-invoice management in Romania. Thanks to our expertise and technological solutions, we are able to provide a comprehensive proposal covering all phases of the e-invoicing process.

Electronic invoicing Romania: the service

IDC’s customer produces the invoice in the traditional format and sends it to our systems, which take care of transforming it into the RO_CIUS format or, if already available, directly transmits the electronic invoice conforming to the UBL standard to IDC.

IDC then sends the invoice to the RO-eFactura platform, which will perform validation checks and assign a unique ID to the file.

If the checks are passed, the platform affixes the electronic signature of the Ministry of Finance and deposits the invoice in the VPS (Virtual Private Space) area.

Once the checks are passed, the RO also affixes an electronic signature of the Ministry of Finance. The invoice is now ready to be sent to the recipient, making it available on the virtual private space of every taxpayer in Romania.

By registering on behalf of the customer in the reserved Virtual Private Space area, IDC downloads the invoices and makes them available to the customer via a consultation portal.

The invoices must be downloaded within 60 days of receipt by the Platform, after which time they will be automatically deleted

If any errors are detected by RO, the platform sends a message to the issuer with the anomalies found. The taxpayer can then correct the file and forward it to the IDC system, which delivers the invoice to the platform.


Conversion of the output format of the management software to the XML corporate version and/or taking charge of XML flows generated by the customer.


Transmission of active electronic invoices to Ro e-Factura.


Downloading electronic invoices and notifications received.


Management and publication of invoice outcome notifications and invoices on the portal.


Preservation of electronic invoices for 10 years.

Why choose to outsource your electronic invoicing in Romania?

Professional intermediary

Standard management and single supplier to interface with.

Compliance with regulations

Full compliance with the regulations currently in force.


Scalability and reproducibility of the international electronic invoicing model across multiple countries.

Improving relationships

Improving relationships with Customers and Suppliers.

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