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Following experience gained over 25 years of working with national and international companies from the most varied market sectors, IDC has developed a wide range of services, designed to provide a concrete response to the needs of both larger companies and the requirements of small or medium-sized enterprises.

We have listened to our clients extensively in order to design solutions that can be integrated and customised, thus providing an effective response to company requests for process outsourcing and digitisation, while constantly remaining compliant with the current regulations.

In addition to the many Business Process Outsourcing and Information Management solutions, Consultancy services are also provided.


As part of the company’s digital transformation, the service improves document management and optimises business processes by dematerialising hard copy paper documents and digitising electronic documents, which will then be available in a single digital archive.

The process involves preparing and scanning hard copy documents to produce the corresponding images and subsequent indexing. Subsequently, converting them into shared PDF files that can be viewed on a document platform. Our resources check and, where necessary, standardise and index documents already in electronic format.

It will then be possible to search each digitised document through the use of search keys (metadata) or also through content searches. It allows archived documents to be viewed and information to be shared more quickly and practically. Moreover, it also completely eliminates the risk of documents being damaged or lost. Finally, once the digitisation process of documents has been completed, they can undergo regulation-compliant digital storage with the hard copy documents being destroyed where necessary.

This document management process therefore overcomes paper management and its inefficiencies through an efficient and advanced system where document images can be searched, viewed, downloaded, shared and stored quickly and securely.

The electronic invoicing service for businesses and public administrations allows you to send and receive electronic invoices and notifications in XML format from the portal, which can be integrated with your corporate management system.

As an intermediary authorised to transmit data to the Interchange System, IDC provides an effective solution capable of optimising the entire electronic invoicing process between private individuals and the public administration, making it reliable and customisable according to the customer’s needs.

The solution enables files to be automatically converted into XML format, adding the digital signature of the customer or, where applicable, the signature of Indicom (issuing on their behalf) and the electronic invoices to be archived. Finally, invoices and related notifications can be viewed easily within a specific portal and imported into the customer’s ERP for accounting.

This is an efficient electronic invoice management solution, which has already been chosen by many of our customers.

IDC – Indicom Document Care has been working to internationalise its business over recent months, starting with international electronic invoicing services. 

Mandatory e-invoicing will start from 1 January 2024 in Romania. All other countries will gradually follow suit until 2028, when electronic invoicing will become mandatory for all 27 EU Member States.

In Italy, IDC manages electronic invoicing for more than 6,000 customers and intermediates around 20 million invoices, which it sends, receives, publishes and stores digitally.

We have been providing Electronic Invoicing for nearly ten years in Italy, where the process started in 2014 with the public administration compulsory requirement. Our aim is to make this experience and expertise available to new customers abroad.

IDC’s NSO service enables National Health Service entities and their suppliers of goods and services to transmit or receive electronic orders in UBL XML format, through the NSO order platform.

IDC provides a complete Electronic Order management service, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of 7 December 2018.

Via the NSO portal made available to the customer, it is then possible to manage electronic orders including in PDF format. It is also possible to monitor the status of the files and related notifications, and finally download or print orders.

In addition, at no extra cost, the NSO service also includes the regulation-compliant digital storage of electronic orders and replies transited by the NSO platform. 

With the outsourced regulation-compliant digital preservation service, the customer guarantees that its computer documents have full legal validity over time, preserving the authenticity requirements of the original and the integrity of the content conferred during their formation. Digital documents will thus have the same legal validity as hard copy documents.

By outsourcing to IDC and delegating the digital storage of business documents, companies will benefit from specific technical and regulatory expertise, state-of-the-art technology and highly specialised resources.

The IDC service can perfectly meet the specific needs of each customer thanks to its many years of experience in storing original documents.

IDC’s hard copy document archiving service covers every step of the process: from taking charge of the documents to destroying them when necessary. This process is carried out by expert archivists who are accredited by the Italian Archive Organisation.

The original hard copy documents are catalogued in line with strict archival classification. Then they are boxed and transferred to standardised repositories with maximum security measures.

It is a complete outsourcing service, which guarantees customers secure storage of original documents. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to free up internal company space.


The outsourced purchasing cycle management service automates the entire process of acquiring, recording, checking and entering supplier invoices and related documents. It simplifies and optimises the accounting process for the administrative department.

Thanks to specialist tools and highly qualified staff, IDC is able to manage purchasing invoices in any format (XML, hard copy, PDF, or EDI, etc.) extracting the data necessary to consolidate them with related documents (orders and delivery notes) and subsequently register the invoices received.

The proposal includes 2 different management methods:

  • automatic, which allows the data to be extracted directly from the file received (whatever format it is in), any errors to be corrected, and subsequently to be matched with the feedback files provided by the Customer (supplier master file, Order file and DDT file). Finally it leads the creation of 2 outputs, to be imported into the Customer’s ERP.
  • manual anomalies, with our resources directly accessing the ERP remotely to record invoices, as if they were actually part of the company staff.

Finally, all the purchasing invoices will be able to be deposited in a document platform and in a single standardised Digital Preservation system, available for internal consultation and for lawful exhibition, thus eliminating the costs for storing, searching and viewing tax documents.

The service is customisable and comprehensive. It has been chosen by many of our customers because of IDC’s 25 years of experience in document process management and the cutting-edge technology at our disposal.

This service is the ideal solution to delegate the entire Expense Report management process to our qualified and experienced resources.

The solution is buildable and includes all the steps in the process: from the entry of expenses on the app to the verification and control of the customer’s corporate policies. It includes the accounting of the expense report and the management of anomalies. Finally, to complete the process, it includes the regulation-compliant digital storage of receipts.

Expense reports can be received either in hard copy form, by preparing the documents and then scanning them, or digitally, by the employee sending the images via their smartphone.

The IDC service thus enables the expense report management process to be completely dematerialised and digitised, in compliance with current regulations on the formation and storage of tax-relevant computerised documents.

As part of its wide range of outsourcing solutions, IDC provides numerous administrative, accounting and controlling management services that can be built and personalised to suit the customer’s needs.

Our specialised consultants in the areas of finance and controlling start by analysing the existing business in order to identify the different processes that can be managed modularly, where possible also optimising their organisation.

Thanks to the availability of highly trained resources as well as experts in administration, accounting and controlling, all services are carried out professionally in full compliance with the agreed SLAs and with the appropriate IT support.

For each service requested, IDC operators will provide the Customer with the relevant output and the necessary reports according to the pre-established deadlines and requirements, thus using the systems, applications and tools in use by the Customer. In the case of start-ups or smaller companies, our resources can manage the entire accounting and controlling process with full outsourcing on Indicom’s systems in SaaS mode.

By outsourcing all or part of the control and registration processes, the customer will be able to reduce the costs and time related to administrative back-office tasks, entrusting the work to qualified and trained personnel and, most importantly, they will be able to free up their resources, thus enabling them to focus on the company’s core business.

The modular PEC management solution makes it possible to centralise, organise and archive emails from different mailboxes, automating the rules for archiving and/or deletion and the depositing of messages into a regulation-compliant storage system.

Designed to meet the growing need of organisations to simplify the management of Certified Electronic Mail messages and guarantee their legal value over time, the PEC Management document platform makes it possible to build an archive of all sent and received Certified Electronic Mail messages. They are organised according to predefined application logics, thus centralising the management of all corporate and service Certified Electronic Mail boxes.

Finally, the service guarantees the digital storage of PEC messages in full compliance with current regulations and in complete security.

This service allows data entry to be outsourced to IDC’s trained and qualified staff, thus freeing up your internal resources from repetitive tasks with low added value. This solution, which can be customised according to the customer’s specific requirements, includes both manual data entry and – where possible – automatic data entry.

Our experience gained over almost 25 years means that our resources are able to perform data entry for any type of document: tax, health or banking documents, contracts, documents relating to bills, delivery notes or invoices, master files, records and various forms.

We are able to offer a high-quality service, where the level of error is almost zero. Data entry is also carried out by ensuring total confidentiality of the information and documents managed.

 IDC’s outsourced contract management service is an effective solution for those companies that need to receive and control data and documents, and subsequently register and close simple or complex files.

The service enables the documents received to be verified and validated, and on request also logged, dated and catalogued by our operators in accordance with the business rules agreed with the customer and with the regulations in force.

The use of dedicated applications and procedures reduces the incidence of errors and delays when in the validating and registering processes. This ensures correctness and compliance in the handling process of the files being processed.


REGULATORY ADVICE: In the face of constantly changing legislation in the area of document process management in companies, IDC provides a regulatory consulting service. It guarantees its customers constant alignment with the latest regulatory changes and provides valuable support in their application within company workflows.

The service – which can be tailored to the customer’s requirements – ensures continuous updating in line with the regulatory developments in the field of document dematerialisation and digitisation of internal processes. It also includes process analysis, Data Storage Manager training, tax and legal advice.

Thanks to the skills we have acquired in almost twenty years of experience, also evidenced by the certifications we have obtained, we are able to guide companies through the complex web of regulations governing the digitisation of business processes. This ensures that they are fully compliant, and also gives them the awareness necessary to govern digital change.

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