International electronic invoicing

The IDC service that covers e-invoices exchanges worldwide.

IDC – Indicom Document Care has been embarking on a path of internationalization of its activities for months, starting with international Electronic Invoicing services.

The mandatory e-invoicing activity will start on January 1, 2024 in Romania. All the other countries will also gradually adapt until 2030, the date on which the obligation for electronic invoicing will come into force for all 27 EU member states.

In Italy, IDC manages electronic invoicing for over 10,000 customers and intermediates around 20 million invoices, which it sends, receives, publishes and stores digitally.

We want to make the experience and skills deriving from almost 10 years of Electronic Invoicing in our country available to new customers abroad, where the process started in 2014 with the obligation towards the PA.

IDC is also the reference partner for all administrative BPO services related to electronic invoicing, the most significant of which is the reconciliation between supplier invoices, Orders and transport documents.

International electronic invoicing: the service

The service offered in the context of e-invoicing will provide our Customers with the necessary tools to send us the documents, including a specific portal for individual countries within which it will be possible to fill in the invoice fields, make the upload documents and subsequently receive and consult the various documents sent and received.

IDC will also take care of the validation of active invoices with respect to specific regulations, the sending of documents to the Exchange Systems of the various countries and their storage in compliance with the regulations.

During the first half of 2024, a release plan is also envisaged for various additional features in the field of supplier invoice management, which will allow Customers to:


Consult supplier invoices, orders and transport documents on the portal, creating virtual dossiers.


Perform manual or automatic reconciliation between these documents to check for errors.


Use a workflow both for invoices without errors and for those with anomalies.


Allow access to your suppliers to check the status of your invoices.

Why rely on the outsourced international electronic invoicing service?

Intermediary profession

Standard management and single supplier with which interface.

Compliance with regulations

Full compliance with the regulations currently in force in the various countries.


Scalability and reproducibility of the international electronic invoicing model across multiple countries.

Improved relationships

Improved relationships with Customers and Suppliers.

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